Dr Mark Willems, Professor in Exercise Physiology at University of Chichester, was sponsored by the Sujon team to present his blackcurrant-ergogenic research at the International Blackcurrant Conference in Europe in June this year.

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Breaking News : Research at University of Chichester UK has shown that one week of Sujon Blackcurrant Powder intake beneficially impacts cardiovascular function and results in a significant reduction in exercise

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Scientists have found that the unique varieties of New Zealand blackcurrants Sujon uses in its Blackcurrant Powder and Capsules are rich in anthocyanins and other compounds which help supports

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“It’s great to wake up in the morning without my ankles feeling stiff and sore”
It took less than a week for me to notice the effects of Sujon Blackcurrant Powder on a recurring muscle injury. I take the powder daily as well as after long training sessions, and just wish I had tried Sujon Powder before spending hundreds of dollars on sports physiotherapy and podiatrist consultations!
Exercising in high heels is really hard on my ankles and it’s great to wake up in the morning without them feeling stiff and sore.

“I recover faster and can train harder the next day”.
I started using Sujon Blackcurrant powder when I came to play basketball in Nelson a few years ago. I take a heaped teaspoon each morning and then again after I have finished my last training of the day. I feel that it really helps me recover and even when I am doing hard power sessions at the gym I don’t seem to have as much muscle soreness in the next days. I am a very physical player and I find that this season I have been recovered after games much more quickly and am ready to train again the next day. I have recently had an injury and have recovered in almost half the predicted time. I am sure this is due to good rehabilitation and Blackcurrant. As I move on with my basketball career Sujon Blackcurrant powder will be an important part of my training regime. I really notice if I have not taken it. I love it and how it makes me feel.

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