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Sujons commitment to the continuous improvement of product, processing, packaging, and distribution, combined with the growing awareness of berries’ health benefits and nutritional value is clearly paying dividends.

Sujon Berries Every Day of The Year

Sujon Country Fresh Berries are available year round – that’s Sujons commitment to ensure a quality supply, no matter what the season. Whether it’s Raspberries, blackcurrants, Blueberries, Gooseberries, Boysenberries, strawberries, cherries, cranberries, redcurrants, blackberries or mixed berries… we’ve got it all here at Sujon!

Sujon Berries Field Ripened for Flavour, Colour and Taste

Whereas many berries are picked under ripe to minimise spoilage until time of use, Sujon fruit is allowed to ripen naturally in the field and is picked at the peak of ripeness for the best sweetness, colour and taste. IQF processing of the berries retains these qualities of the berries.

Health Benefits

Not only are Sujon Country Berries delicious, low in fat and low in calories, but recent research is pointing more and more to the positively healthy contribution berry fruit can make to our nutrition and diet.

The Health Benefits of Berries Are Legend…

Long established folk lore dating back many centuries, records that berries were used for their claimed medicinal benefits in alleviating a wide variety of health conditions from sore throats, to cardiovascular conditions, relief of eye strain, cancers, benefits in the onset of ageing conditions, and treatment of urinary infections.

Such claims are being increasingly subjected to careful on-going scientific investigation and scrutiny and there are increasing reports that suggest real health benefits can arise from consuming berry fruit.

Today We Know…

The Sujon range of berry fruit have intense, bright, natural colours. The colours of the berries are due to the presence of anthocyanins and these, and other naturally occurring phenolics and anti-oxidants, it has been suggested, may play a key role in the health and nutritional benefits claimed in the past.

Berry fruit also contains high levels of very beneficial bioflavonoids – another powerful form of antioxidant.

Antioxidants are substances that choke off the oxygen supply to harmful agents (called free radicals) inside the body. These free radicals are a normal by-product of the process whereby oxygen is combined with our food to produce energy. They are essential in controlled quantities for vital bodily functions, but if present in excess amounts they can be harmful. Smog, cigarette smoke, food additives and other pollutants cause excess production which can lead to a variety of health problems. Excess free radicals roam the body like rampaging vandals attacking and weakening cells and tissues. It is believed they increase the effects/rate of ageing and are implicated in heart disease and cancer.

Antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, beta-carotene, Vitamins A and E, and Selenium have been reported to capture free radicals before they attack body cells.

Berry Fruit Care

Few fruits – indeed few foods – can match berries for sheer taste sensation and visual brilliance. Fruit bursting with a taste explosion that delights the taste buds with its distinctive crisp flavour. They are healthy and great for your daily nutrition needs too. A fruit that offers huge versatility for desserts, savoury dishes, sauces, cakes, pastries, and even drinks.

Sujon Country fresh berries are picked at just the right moment to ensure the best possible flavour and sweetness. Each separate fruit is individually quick frozen (IQF) to retain flavour and texture. The berry fruit is then sealed into air tight bags to reduce the formation of frost on the berry fruit. Transported and stored at the right temperature the fruit will arrive in perfect condition. The berry fruit should be free of excess frost and should flow freely.

When correctly thawed Sujon Country fresh berries may be served in a similar fashion to fresh berries.To get the very best from your Sujon Country fresh berries you need to follow these simple directions:

Storing your Sujon berries
When taking delivery of your berry fruit, ensure they are placed directly into the deep freeze at a temperature as close to –20oC as possible. Take care if storing in an open top display freezer as the packs on top may begin to thaw and quality will deteriorate if the freezer is over-filled.

Frozen BerriesThawing your Sujon berries

  • Do not get the berry fruit out of the freezer too soon.
  • Remove berries from bag and put into a container to thaw.
  • Experiment with a microwave oven, heating just enough to start the thaw.
  • Turn the container over while thawing to keep berry fruit in the syrup.
  • When using in place of fresh berries, thaw until just softening and serve partially frozen.
  • When using in a cooked dish use frozen. Gently fold into pies, cakes, muffins etc just prior to cooking.
  • Add sugar to taste – it brings out both the flavour and the delicious juices.

Berry Fruit Facts


Blueberries are a rich source of anti-oxidants and the impact of just half a cup of blueberry and a cup of strawberry on the measured oxygen radical absorbing capacity (ORAC), thought to be related to health and ageing. Work is continuing in New Zealand and overseas.


Blackcurrants have long been highly regarded for their health properties. The level of vitamin C present in Blackcurrants is up to 4 times that of oranges, long regarded as a benchmark for vitamin C in fruit. Our Sujon Blackcurrant Health Supplement can be a great addition to a healthy diet.


Boysenberries are a very balanced fruit to eat. They have a high level of content including folate, folate reduces the incidence of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Boysenberries also have a negligible fat content.

While research continues into the health and nutritional benefits of berries, the indications are that they have more to offer than just their intense, exciting flavours, colours, and the low fat and calories that make them so appealing to eat. Sujon Country-Fresh Berries have a continuing interest in this research and will update this site as information becomes available.

Quality Assurance

Techniques designed to ensure the safety of food for astronauts are the basis of Sujons new HACCP food safety programme for their berry fruit.

Sujon has now been certified by the international agency SGS.

Certification is the process by which an independent third party like SGS audits and gives written assurance that a process, system or service conforms to specified requirements.

Sujon has adopted the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system, or HACCP (pronounced hassip) system. Sujon’s accreditation is thought to be the first for a berry fruit processor in Australia.

factory-tourSujon is Exempt from the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 pursuant to section 8F of the Food Act 1981. This means that the Director General of Health has decreed that the quality systems in place are of such a high standard that the company does not have to be inspected by Health Protection Officers in the usual manner.

So good is Sujon’s system that its manuals are being used by the Ministry of Health in its food safety officer training.
Sujon has its own centralised grading and packing facilities where berry fruit is carefully checked for quality prior to packing.
The Sujon products are stored in an ISO 9002 approved cold storage facility where product is held for prompt dispatch by temperature controlled transport to distributors and customers in New Zealand and offshore.

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