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NO FUSS… Ice cream made in your blender… DAIRY FREE 🙂 SERVES: One large serving, or two small servings. INGREDIENTS – 2 bananas, sliced and frozen overnight or several hours – 1/2- 1 cup frozen blueberries (You can swap this out for virtually any berry that takes your fancy!) Find your nearest Sujon stockist here (Blackcurrants, Strawberries, Mixed […]

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Sujon – Highlights of 2015 & Looking Forward

Professor Mark Willems visited Sujon as part of a tour of the NZ Blackcurrant industry. Prof Willems is using Sujon blackcurrant powder for a number of sports-based research projects in 2016. For a summary of his 2015 work check out our website: http://www.sujonpowder.com/latestresearch.htm Our Sujon powder is also being used in an MBIE-funded NZ-Japan Joint […]

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Raspberry Tiramisu Recipe

Go on… indulge! Serves: 6 2/3 cup Tia Maria 1 cup strong black coffee 375g (low fat) cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup mascarpone cheese 2-3 tablespoons icing sugar to taste 300g frozen Sujon Raspberries 250g sponge finger biscuits sifted cocoa or grated chocolate Method Line a 20cm x 6cm deep, square cake pan or baking […]

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Sick of plain old ice-cream for dessert? Next time you have guests over, why not bring out something a little different for dessert? With our simple mixed berry pashka, you’ll have everybody smiling 🙂 4 Servings Ingredients • 1 cup chopped Sujon frozen berries • 1/4 cup almond meal • 6 T Cream cheese (spreadable version) […]

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Serves 4 Ingredients 500g Sujon Frozen Berries 3 ½ cups milk 3 scoops vanilla ice cream Place frozen berries in a blender and with the motor running and using the pulse button, add as much milk as you need to achieve the consistency of thick shake that you would like, add ice-cream. Pour into glasses and […]

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Best Post-Workout Smoothie Recipe For Recovery

Have you just finished a workout and want to have the best post-workout supplement and performance food available? Here’s a very tasty way to enjoy Sujon Blackcurrant Powder & frozen berries while recovering from exercise. It doesn’t matter if the banana isn’t frozen but it does make it nice and cool 🙂 Also, i you […]

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