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Packed with Antioxidant Punch

This was originally published in metropol, Christchurch October 2013 The diets of our forebears were filled with fruits, berries, vegetables and meats. While our knowledge and understanding of our health has certainly come a long way, our cave-dwelling compatriots were right about one thing – berries. Long established folklore dating back many centuries records that […]

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Boysenberries – Now A Massive Hit in Japan! (NEW research out…)

Opinion: This post was originally published on Stuff. The struggling boysenberry industry has received a boost, with a Japanese company using fruit grown in Nelson as a key ingredient in a new eyesight health supplement. It is thought to be the first time boysenberries, which are already used in folate supplements for pregnant women, have […]

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New Zealand Blackcurrants may help reduce the onset of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Based on what is already known about the bioactive ingredients contained in New Zealand fruit – Blackcurrants and their physiological effects in humans, there appears to be several key areas within prevention, recovery and management of the disease of deep vein thrombosis – a health condition that would potentially benefit from supplementation with a New […]

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A Healthy Real Food Chia Recipe – the ancient superfood!

The benefits are numerous, Chia seed one of the most powerful foods imaginable is said to increase brain power and body strength. The following recipe  makes approx. 2 litres and lasts a week. It’s used by Clifton boxers Nat Stuart and Dawn Dickey before and after training and they say it really helps with their energy […]

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Some Anti-Cancer Advancements that Everyone Should Know About – Part 3

This is the final in this 3-part series. You can view Part 1, click here and Part 2, click here. Anti-cancer diet guidelines Have as much organic raw food as possible. Juicing vegetables is a phenomenal way of getting lots of powerful enzymes and nutrients into your body without having to work hard at digesting […]

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Some Anti-Cancer Advancements that Everyone Should Know About – Part 2

Things to avoid, particularly important for women’s health: 1. Alcohol. It increases your breast cancer risk and if you have any cancer of any kind, it is like pouring fuel onto the fire. 2. Parabens (PBAs). Us ladies are particularly vulnerable to these because they are littered in cosmetics and toiletries. They mimick oestrogens and […]

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Walnut, Pear and Spinach Salad with SUJON Raspberry Vinegrette and Shaved Parmesan

Thought I would share this one with you, had it in the weekend and it was awesome! Serves: 4 persons 3 Burree Bosc Pears, quartered and sliced thinly 100 g Baby Spinach leaves or Rocket Leaves 80 g Parmesan Cheese, peeled with a potato peeler 100 g Roasted Walnuts 250 g SUJON Raspberries 1 cup […]

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International Dance Sport Competitor Dances up a Storm!

“It took less than a week for me to notice the effects of Sujon Blackcurrant Powder on a recurring muscle injury. I take the powder daily as well as after long training sessions, and just wish I had tried Sujon Powder before spending hundreds of dollars on sports physiotherapy and podiatrist consultations! Exercising in high […]

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