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Sujon – Highlights of 2015 & Looking Forward

Professor Mark Willems visited Sujon as part of a tour of the NZ Blackcurrant industry. Prof Willems is using Sujon blackcurrant powder for a number of sports-based research projects in 2016. For a summary of his 2015 work check out our website: http://www.sujonpowder.com/latestresearch.htm Our Sujon powder is also being used in an MBIE-funded NZ-Japan Joint […]

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Latest Trial Results Proving Benefits of NZ Blackcurrants in Sport

From Dr Mark Willems, Professor in Exercise Physiology at the University of Chichester – Presented at The Blackcurrants NZ Conference, August 2015. Take Home Facts from Recent Trials – Blackcurrants & Sport 1. New Zealand Blackcurrants improved time by 2.4% in a 16.1 km cycling time-trial performance. Accepted for publication June 2015 –Cook et al, […]

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Sujon Sport-Lactate Research- ‘Has one of triathlete’s great villains met its match with a kiwi sports powder?’

Lactic acid is the major villain limiting performance during exercise: this is the viewpoint now common to many athletes and coaches worldwide. One of the first to champion this “lactate theory” was one of the outstanding athletic coaches of all time, kiwi sporting icon: Sir Arthur Lydiard. The problem is that the role of lactic acid, consequent […]

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The only true natural aid to muscle recovery that you can get?

Several top Kiwi athletes and teams are already using Sujon as well as overseas professionals. Many of these athletes have been drug tested and all results have been negative. NZ Blackcurrants are packed with phytochemicals which Scientists believe have the potential to affect several diseases and have strong anti-inflammatory effects and are a strong aid […]

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NEW Research out: Sujon Good for Your Heart.

New research shows that increased intakes of anthocyanins (the antioxidant pigments from Fruit & veges) may reduce blood vessel hardening and improve overall heart health. The intakes of anthocyanins associated witht these findings could be incorporated into your daily diet by eating two serves of berries a day or 2 heaped teaspoons of Sujon powder, which is […]

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Human Health & Fitness Products from New Zealand

This is Part Two in a series focusing on the New Zealand Blackcurrant and the effect on human health. Gibb Holdings Ltd – New Zealand’s largest processor, packer and marketer of berry fruits and berry fruit products -have produced a freeze-dried blackcurrant powder, capturing all the nutrients of the entire blackcurrant berry, called Sujon Blackcurrant […]

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