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Sujon Blackcurrant Performance Powder: a proven ergogenic!

Ergogenic aids are any external influences that enhance athletic performance or facilitate physical exercise. Dr Mark Willems, Professor in Exercise Physiology at University of Chichester, was sponsored by the Sujon team to present his blackcurrant-ergogenic research at the International Blackcurrant Conference in Europe in June this year. Sujon is the global pioneer into the use of blackcurrant […]

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Human Health & Fitness Products from New Zealand

This is Part Two in a series focusing on the New Zealand Blackcurrant and the effect on human health. Gibb Holdings Ltd – New Zealand’s largest processor, packer and marketer of berry fruits and berry fruit products -have produced a freeze-dried blackcurrant powder, capturing all the nutrients of the entire blackcurrant berry, called Sujon Blackcurrant […]

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Crispin Moller, Elite Triathlete on Sujon Sport Powder

Crispen said ‘Sujon is amazing – it delays you hitting your anaerobic threshold – you can keep going for longer’. “I’ve noticed it delays you hitting your anaerobic threshold and even though you know your legs are getting tired, you don’t get muscle soreness, which allows you to carry on going”. Crispin trained for his […]

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Training Tips from Simon Thomas- Tasman Makos Strength & Conditioning Coach

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wKz9ULn_1k&w=380&h=220] Simon approached Sujon earlier in 2011 as he wanted the Makos to use Sujon Sports Powder. He wanted it because he had heard that it helped muscle recovery and some of the boys had used it in the 2010 season. With the short turn around in the games of the ITM Cup, muscle recovery […]

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Nelson – The Multi-Sport Capital of New Zealand Takes on the World!

Well it’s all go these next few weeks for New Zealand Multi-Sport athletes! The NZ multi-sport Team will compete in the Trans Tasman Adventure Racing Trophy to determine which side of the Tasman reigns supreme in the world of adventure racing at Augusta in Australia this coming Sunday (Nov 6th). The Anaconda Adventure Race at Augusta […]

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Why Do We Get Sore Muscles Before and After Excercise?

Muscles go through a lot of physical stress when we exercise. Small microscopic tears occur in our muscles; the more you exert yourself the more microscopic tears you create, and the more soreness you feel later. Lactic acid can also build up during strenuous exercise from depletion of available oxygen in the blood, causing delay […]

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