The secret of anti-aging is out

Could Sujon’s Blackcurrant Powder assist with anti-aging: latest UK-Japan research suggests yes and why! Sujon’s Blackcurrant powder is best known as an elite food amongst elite global athletes.  Iron-man champion Terenzo Bozzone is an example of those who believe in its dietary importance. The powder idea was born from meeting the needs of the Netherlands…

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Innovative Nelson berryfruit company gains important access to Asian consumer health market

Nelson based Sujon Berryfruits won the ‘Best New Individual Brand Award’ at the Asian Branding & Franchising Association Awards (ABFA Awards), held in Hong Kong 15 October 2018. Sujon’s newly-appointed Asian Agent, OneNZ, entered Sujon in the ABFA Awards. OneNZ is a Hong Kong-based natural foods distributor that sources unique foods from New Zealand for supply…

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