Just when you think you know it all…

About two weeks ago a customer contacted us and said “I love your raspberries and buy them all the time, BUT this morning while defrosting your berries in the microwave they started sparking”
We immediately began looking at what might be the cause, fruit, bowl or microwave?
The fruit had originally been through metal detection during sorting and then again during packing, so we were reasonably confident it wasn’t the fruit.
We then tried multiple samples of the same fruit in 3 different microwaves to try and replicate the sparking, but nothing!
So, who do you call for advice- our local intellectual powerhouse- Cawthron. We asked, “what sort of testing would give us answers”?
The response was – “have you googled fruit sparking in a microwave”? Answer “No”, we simply hadn’t thought to do this! But we did, and to our amazement found that all manner of fruit and vegetables spark in the microwave under certain conditions. There are YouTube video’s and the Canadian Government food agency even has advice on this phenomenon.
Apparently, the structure of the fruit and certain minerals in the fruit (e.g. iron, magnesium and selenium) can create arcing effects in the microwave. The general recommendation seems to be to defrost fruit on “thaw/defrost” (rather than full power) and with a glass of water in the microwave as well.
Just goes to show, even when Sujon (Sue and John) have been in the business for over 30 years we are still learning more about these wonderful fruits! Thanks, Cawthron.

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