Blackcurrant Chocolate

August 24, 2018

World Triathlete Terenzo Bozzone shows you how to make this delicious home made chocolate recipe. This recipe is one of our office favourites.

  • Prep: 5 mins


250 gm raw cacao butter

125 gm raw cacao powder

400 gm dates

3 Tbsp Sujon blackcurrant powder


1Put dates and melted cacao butter into food processor and process on a high speed until a smooth paste is formed.

2Add cacao powder and blackcurrant powder to date mix and process until well combined.

3Pour into a large baking paper lined Swiss roll tin and spread evenly using the back of a large metal spoon to flatten the mixture.

4Allow to set.

5Turn out and cut into small squares. Makes approx. 150 pieces.


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